#MTBoS – Mission #3 Keeping the Positive

So far this school year, I’ve been feeling really out of my element. I haven’t wanted to be here. I’m struggling with my lower level classes more than usual. I’m just not all here. I find the kids to be rude, disrespectful and lacking manners. I know they don’t want to be in my class. I just know it. And I let them direct my mood – good and bad. 

Anyhow, after being out of town for a few days, I was expecting the worst (of course). I had pretty detailed sub plans and I hand-picked my sub… but still. With these kids who knows right?? 

I got a great report from my sub for a certain class 🙂 

And today, they were ALL ABOUT solving systems by substitution! They worked so hard.

I really need to take this idea of ONE GOOD THING and run with it. Sometimes it’s hard to remember why I love my job. But this helps out a lot! Thanks for the positive blog 🙂


MTBoS mission #2: Confessions of a Twitter-Stalker

I created a twitter account quite a while ago. I was curious to see what it was all about. I started following celebrities, local news channels, MN Twins Baseball among other things. It basically provided some entertainment while nursing my son.

Two years later, I grew tired of the same old tweets. I stopped with the tweeting. Actually, I never tweeted, I just stopped looking at twitter for some time. By chance, I reopened my twitter account and saw a retweet from a coworker regarding some sort of mathy, teachery ideas. I was blind, now I see. Holy crap!

Now, stalking math tweeps has made twitter a whole new experience for me! I love the resources, the ideas, and everything mathy I’ve been discreetly following. And THEN blogs are introduced and that’s just another story. Now I feel overwhelmed (in a good way) with #MTBoS.

So, en route to the great state of Wyoming, I am catching up on my twitter stalking and my #MTBoS mission. (While my husband drives BTW.)

Mission #1 — Here it goes…

  • I’ve been a high school math teacher for the past 12 years. I currently teach Algebra, Probability & Statistics, and Trigonometry. I loved math in school and I still do. The most enjoyable thing about my job is working with young students and watching them ‘get’ things. 
  • My favorite problem to do with my classes is MysteryPlots. Students are given eight different unlabeled scatterplots and eight different pairs of variables. Students need to determine which variables match which scatterplots. I’ve been doing this problem for a while. I should probably do some updating to it. 
  • What makes my class mine…. I’ve been teaching for a while now, and I don’t think I’ve found that one big thing that has stuck throughout the years. Or at least I can’t think of it right now. I do take pride in trying new things, and trying to be innovative. 
  • What brought me to MTBoS? A co-worker actually sent me a link to check it out. I’ve been on twitter following some mathy bigwigs and I’ve been inspired to get on the bandwagon. Also, I just want to be a better teacher.