MTBoS mission #2: Confessions of a Twitter-Stalker

I created a twitter account quite a while ago. I was curious to see what it was all about. I started following celebrities, local news channels, MN Twins Baseball among other things. It basically provided some entertainment while nursing my son.

Two years later, I grew tired of the same old tweets. I stopped with the tweeting. Actually, I never tweeted, I just stopped looking at twitter for some time. By chance, I reopened my twitter account and saw a retweet from a coworker regarding some sort of mathy, teachery ideas. I was blind, now I see. Holy crap!

Now, stalking math tweeps has made twitter a whole new experience for me! I love the resources, the ideas, and everything mathy I’ve been discreetly following. And THEN blogs are introduced and that’s just another story. Now I feel overwhelmed (in a good way) with #MTBoS.

So, en route to the great state of Wyoming, I am catching up on my twitter stalking and my #MTBoS mission. (While my husband drives BTW.)


4 thoughts on “MTBoS mission #2: Confessions of a Twitter-Stalker

  1. You sound like me and my Twitter experience! Minus the nursing my kid…they’re too old for that! I don’t think Twitter was around when they were the right age for that šŸ˜‰ I found out about the math component of Twitter when I found Global Math Department! So awesome too…if you haven’t checked it out yet! And Go Tigers!

  2. Kevin Cunningham says:

    Like you, I tend to watch twitter more than participate … think I’m worried about my addictive personality taking over and me being so busy with twitter I forget to hang out with my wife and son šŸ™‚

    I’ve been using notifications which has helped a lot with this!

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