More Good Stuff

It’s really hard to believe, but this has been a really great year so far. Perhaps it’s the smaller class size, the camaraderie in the department, my general glass half full type of optimism. Whatever it is. I’m grateful.

I should blog about things I need help with. And believe me, I intend to. But sometimes I just want to share how awesome my job is.

There are exceptions of course, but so far they’re few. Students have been more engaged, especially in the lower-level algebra 2 class. It’s like a dream come true.

We have been working/reviewing how to solve linear equations in one variable. Started with a little Connect 4 – Algebra Style with a battle of the sexes theme.

This week we did Desmos’ Central Park. It was a struggle for some kids, but they were engaged, and I was as well.

Then we did some puzzling problems, credit due to Park Math Curriculum. “Did we seriously just do one problem for 30 minutes?” “Yes – is there anything wrong with that?” “Nope!” ❤

We ended the week with an equation solving maze. (Found on pinterest, thanks to Mrs. E Teaches Math.) It was amazing. We weren’t sure about how the kids would do wandering around the hallways, but I have proof they were awesome. Some of them even said it was “fun.” Victory.



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