Another New Beginning

This week started a new trimester. This trimester I’m teaching Probability & Statistics. It’s exciting and nerve-racking for many reasons. I really enjoy teaching this class – it’s exhausting, but I love it. I am teaching 9th grade and the lower-level Prob/Stats course. My goals for this class are to (1) introduce students to a different kind of math, (2) engage them with activities as much as possible, (3) foster a collaborative learning environment, (4) give no (or minimal) homework  and (5) have fun and get to know these students that I will only have for one trimester.

This week we started day one with some tabletop (twitter thank you @jaz_math for sharing your idea), adding to my Happy Wall, and the game Would You Rather. Students chose a question to ask and collected data – the goal was to try to predict how the entire student population would respond to their chosen questions. (This idea stolen from @rockychat3.) These questions were awesome. Would you rather…

  • have Spiderman or Ironman on your Basketball team?
  • use duct-tape as toilet paper or superglue as toothpaste?
  • never have a zit or never have a headache?
  • have your wedding at Chuck E. Cheese or Subway?
Awesome, no?

Awesome, no?

I used this as a very informal introduction to samples, populations and sampling methods. Students presented their data to the class in a brief Google presentation.

To continue with our sampling learning target, we used the classic Jelly Blubber activity – modified for my class. And students did awesome work on a Tree Sampling Activity.

Today, plans are to formally discuss some of the vocabulary, do a little sampling card sort, and begin A Case of Muddying the Waters. PS – Card Sort activity was awesome to watch kids discuss different sampling methods.



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My Happy Wall



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