Everything is NOT awesome

Friday I used an activity in my class that I had great success with in a previous class. The LEGO Correlation Activity. We play a version of The Price is Right. Students are in groups, each group gets to take a bid at a Lego Set. The goal of this activity is for the students to use the correlation between number of pieces and price to predict the price for the Lego set. This worked ok on a class-by-class basis.

It started out great 2nd & 3rd hours. A couple of students grabbed calculators and were calculating their guesses based on the number of pieces. It was magical to me.

But 4th and 5th hour were just NOT interested. I feel like they did not get anything of substance out of this lesson. I was very frustrated and ended up making both classes sit QUIET for the last 5+ minutes of class. It was necessary for my mental health. I didn’t even get a chance to go over this TOTES AWESOME Desmos Graph

Perhaps the activity dragged on too long… I think some groups felt like they couldn’t “catch up” to the other teams, so they gave up… Maybe they checked out because it was Pep-Fest day…

I gave them a 2 question closer/homework:

1. What method did your group use to bid on the Lego Set

2. What do you think the scatterplot of # of pieces vs. price will look like.

I’m totally up for suggestions on this…


Z-Score & Parent Ages


So I did this today in class. 🙂

We started with a little of this…


This was used as an introduction to z-scores for my 9th grade students & concepts students. I collected their parents’ ages previously. We used the TI-84 to calculate the mean and standard deviation.

I had the kids text the above letter or write the above letter to their parents. There were some interesting responses. Maybe I can add in a couple of screenshots 🙂

Good times. That’s all.