2017-18 Goals

This year I will be teaching at a brand new school.

I have always had extreme BTS anxiety, but I'm betting I will be a wreck this whole month – anxiety of the unknown. My anxiety levels will sky-rocket, my husband will probably threaten to leave my passive-aggressive self. Even though I know everything will be amazing once school starts.

Chad and I left our previous positions for Northern Minnesota – 5+ hours from all of our close friends. While we will miss our friends and family, we love our new home so much so far! We both got jobs at the same small E-12 school (where our kids will also be going). I'm going from a school with a team of 8 math teachers to a school with a team of 2 math teachers 7-12. I've taught at a small school before and I survived. I never thought I'd go back to a small school with limited means of collaboration, but my network has GROWN – and thanks to modern technology, I won't feel that lack of collaboration again. AND Megan has promised to PLC with me on AP Stats/CIS Stats….

But this writing is supposed to be about my goals…

  1. Balance – Work more efficiently. (Not sure where to start with that…. Lists…? Any tips??)
  2. Reflection - I am teaching an 8th grade class this year – I haven't taught MS math for a very long time. I will need to reflect on things that are working (AND NOT) in the classroom.
  3. Research – There is a lot of work to be done in my new position. I want my work to be backed by research and best practices and most importantly focused on students.
  4. Involvement - I need to get involved in my new community as well as professional communities (while remaining balanced…)
  5. Make new friends – OMG I just realized I need to make new friends here not just my kiddos…. my shyness is stifling. Wish me luck.